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Why Does My Car Need Paint Correction?


Paint Correction with Canbro Auto detailing can eliminate years of damage and debris from your car quickly and efficiently.  A service that goes far beyond a simple car wash and polish, Paint Correction is a meticulous, painstaking, labor-intensive process that turns the hands of time back on the finish of your automobile.  Say goodbye to unwanted contaminants, damage, scratches, and fading with the power of Paint Correction.

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What is Paint Correction

Anyone can wash a car, but only a true craftsman and artist can perform a Paint Correction.  Offering the best Paint Correction in Canberra, Canbro auto detailing uses abrasive materials to polish and remove the existing clear coat as well as layers of the underlying paint-work.  Under the guidance of our skilled and qualified Paint Correction specialists, car owners can enjoy a fully revitalized look for their vehicle in just one to two business days.

All the issues may be solved by paint correction

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Swirl marks

Caused by inexperience polishing, Automated, wiping car with dry towel with dusts and wash car improperly etc.

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Hard water spot

Caused by mineral water mixes with dirt and other contaminants sitting on the paint, the water then evaporates and leaves the etching marks on the paint.

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Over time, rubbing compound, wax and grime can build up on a car’s surface and create hazing. Environmental compounds from bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, and good ole fashioned dirt and debris can cling to the surface of your car and create a dull appearance.

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Caused by accident or environmental issues like direct exposure of sunlight, Acid rain, Dust, etc

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The Benefits of Paint Correction

Paint Correction is capable of erasing years of damage, abuse, and environmental impact quickly and effectively.  Paint Correction offers a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Removal of unwanted scratches and marks
  • Elimination of swirl and buffer marks
  • Eradication of hard water deposits
  • A brighter, fresher, and more durable finish for your car
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